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Truth About Estimates
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Costs for home improvement projects generally begin by getting estimates. Estimates can be provided by a helpful neighbor, a handy relative or a licensed professional. We offer written “bids” daily for all types of home repair. This is standard practice in our industry and helps to insure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Insurance claims for storm damaged homes are a different story. We will explain why obtaining bids for insurance replacement could actually cost you money.

The adjuster is the only person who does an estimate that really matters on an insurance claim. Let us explain:

Your insurance company may request that you obtain several estimates to repair or replace your storm damage. This may be all the documentation required to process payment for minor repairs. A hailstorm, windstorm, or tornado generally causes major damage to roofs, siding, gutters, and more. Insurers will need to send an adjuster out to inspect the damage caused by the catastrophic event. Many adjusters are fair and are willing to pay for damage to your home. They are required to document the damage and calculate a fair price for the repairs. However, some adjusters that are inexperienced or part-time are called to duty in the wake of a big storm. They may deny a claim or underestimate costs due to a lack of knowledge.

We are licensed and trained professionals with Property Insurance expertise. It is our job to assess the damage in its entirety and provide you with a thorough damage report with our quote. Most adjusters are happy to work with us. Sometimes your insurer will want more estimates hoping that one of those will be lower in turn saving the insurance company money.

If the adjuster evaluates your home and agrees with a contractor on a price, a check will be written to you for 70% of the total cost. 30% depreciation of the total claim is held back until the project is complete. Once the job is finished, your adjuster will only release the remaining 30% after receiving a FINAL INVOICE from the hired contractor as shown in the contract. This is done to insure that you do not hire a contractor with a lower bid and try to pocket the difference you saved. So, if you had hired a lower priced contractor, then the insurer WILL NOT SEND YOU ANY MORE MONEY!!!!! As a result, you have saved the insurance company money AND most likely received a lower quality of workmanship.

If you were to obtain several estimates and the contractor you want to use has a higher bid than the adjuster, do you think the insurance company will pay more? No. They expect you to pay the difference. In the end, the adjuster is the only person who does an estimate that really matters on an insurance claim. It is crucial that we be present when they make their estimate so nothing is missed and all damage is accounted for.

As you can see, there is no need for you to get estimates. Find a qualified contractor who is licensed, insured, and experienced with the insurance claims process.

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